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exotic woods of the world

December 25, 2020

Shedua turns, glues and finishes quite well. Some of the more dense pieces are sometimes used as fretboards, also. The wood is renowned for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and (resultingly) great resonance, which is why it has been a standard choice as the soundboard for classical and flamenco guitars built in these regions for generations. This wood is considered to be one of the most cooperative, user-friendly hardwoods is the world, although it can sometimes be resistant to absorbing a stain. Common Uses: Guitars (specifically, fretboards, acoustic guitar back and sides, and electric guitar “drop tops”), cabinets, furniture, turned objects, carvings, inlay, trim and other small projects. Even when dried very slowly, the wood can still change shape. Because of these properties, Siamese Rosewood has remained extremely popular with Chinese furniture builders — and which has also made it, for many years, a popular target for poachers. Yellow Poplar is characterized by a light muted cream color, often with mineral-stained streaks typically of gray and/or green. Alder is typically straight-grained, although knotty pieces can sometimes be wavy or irregular. Common Uses: Flooring, decking, exterior lumber, veneer, tool handles, and other turned objects. Interestingly, the bark of the Cordia Dodecandra tree and the wood have medicinal properties: the tea which is derived from their infusion is used in traditional medicine in Mexico, to treat coughs, diarrhea and dysentery. Given this, what little makes it to the US market arrives with very high moisture levels, necessitating further drying. Finding long boards of it can be most difficult; pieces of craft-sized dimensions are more commonly found in the US. Owners who claim their business can update listing details, add photos, respond to reviews, and more. Siamese Rosewood, a.k.a. Comments: Although known as Brazilian Teak, it is not related to the wood most commonly called Teak, Tectona grandis. The figure makes the species prone to tear-out. It, too, is easy to work, and glues, stains and finishes well. Its texture can range from fine to medium, and it generally has a good natural luster. While being considered a strong, durable wood, Wenge’s course, rugged texture makes it very splintery — making some craftsmen hesitant to use it. The wood is extremely dense, so much so that it can be brittle and splinter, or even shatter, when re-sawn; cutting edges should be at there sharpest whenever working Snakewood. Conversely, open-grown trees spread out considerably wider — making them a natural choice for many street and park shades trees. The two primary species which draw the beetle’s attention are Acer Rubrum (Red Maple) and Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple), although — with there reputedly being more than sixty different Acer species indigienous to North America — this unusual phenomenon is certainly not confined to just the two. There is much more wood in our warehouse than on our website. The wood is not particularly well known in the US, as exports have been sporadic and, thus, supplies are quite limited. It’s toughness and excellent shock resistance makes it a popular choice for tool handles. Sustainability: Andiroba is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, although a single species from Ecuador, Carapa Megistocarpa, is listed as endangered due to a population reduction of over 50% in the past three generations, caused by a decline in its natural range. Other than the knots, the wood poses no difficult challenges for working, glue and finishing. [Ironically, perhaps, more strikingly figured examples (with pommelle or waterfall figuring) can fetch prices greatly eclipsing typical rosewood price thresholds.] Visit our Burlington Showroom . Its density and somewhat coarse texture requires sharp blades, but — despite its coarseness and typically interlocked grains — it actually planes well. The scientific explanation is that the impregnated Ambrosia Beetle burrows into the maple tree (presumably for a safe place to deposit larvae), carrying fungi on its feet into the wood — which serves as food for the insect’s offspring, when they hatch. Its relatively small tree size make larger boards difficult, if not impossible, to access, with small craft pieces being more commonly found. Common Uses: Acoustic guitar soundboards, harps, violins and pianos, construction lumber, sheathing, railroad ties, wood pulp / papermaking and also used in the Western US as Christmas trees. Its steady demand there equates to very little of it making it to the US. Comments: Amazon Rosewood will usually sink in fresh water; Brazilian Rosewood, if properly dried, should float. While it is considered to be typically straight grained, because of its toughness the wood can be very diificult to work; splintering and tearouts are not uncommon. The majority of the lumber arriving at our facility is 4/4 and 8/4. It has been traditionally used there in numerous applications, and is considered a strong, tough, durable wood. Highly figured pieces look simply stunning as knife handles or other accent pieces. Ambrosia Maple is a general term attached to a variety of Acer (true maple) species whose boards included colorful bug “trails” — caused by a fungus carried by the Ambrosia Beetle which penetrates the tree sap as the beetle eats into the tree, and it spreads both through the worm hole and up and down in the tree (carried along by the sap) and causes discoloring of the wood in streaks. Trees are small and slow growing, contributing to its high price tag. Comments: The wood is considered a premium hardwood in Europe, and one of economic importance. It is an extremely tough, durable wood, which has seen it utilized as a popular substitute for maple and birch and makes it an ideal choice for anything from flooring to tool handles. For being in a moderate price range, this somewhat obscure west African wood should continue to further gravitate into the industry limelight, as luthiers, furniture craftsmen and woodturners, alike, become better acquainted with it. In optimal conditions, trees can grow to be very large — yielding long, wide boards. The color will darken as the wood ages. Grains are typically straight, although they can be wavy or interlocked, and the wood is fine textured and has a good natural luster. Bill van der Westhuizen 1610 Whitehall Road Annapolis, Maryland 21409. The wood is considered very difficult to work, as — in addition to its great density — its grain patterns are usually interlocked. The wood can prove difficult to work, on account of its density and sometimes interlocked graining. Although not as dense as White Oak, it is also very responsive to steam bending, and is a tough durable wood. It is extremely stiff, strong, hard and highly durable and can be an excellent substitute for Ipe for decking. Despite its inherent density, Stinkwood possesses very cooperative working properties. It has been surfaced on two sides. Indigenous to the tropical regions of East Africa, Anegre has been used primarily as an interior wood; it is decidedly non-durable, and thus not recommended for outdoor applications. You can see the availability of each species in our exotic lumber section. The wood has become very popular for crafts, gun and knife handles and guitar fretboards, due to its very striking, unique appearance. We are located in Middleton, TN and our phone number is 731-212-1694. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine — since bugs have, quite obviously, already penetrated the wood’s surface — that the wood is decidedly non-durable, although it is generally stable enough for use in furniture and guitars. Comments: Louro Preto has always been greatly overshadowed by Bocote and Ziricote in terms of popularity and demand, despite being a rather handsome wood. Its nickname, “African Rosewood,” can be very misleading, as the wood is not of the Dalbergia species, and not all wood sold as “African Rosewood” is Bubinga (or is even of the Guibourtia species). The wood has a nice natural luster. Comments: Iroko tends to darken with age. Comments: In addition to furniture crafting, Cherry has been used sporadically in guitar building; its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, stability and durability make it ideally suited for guitar neck or body wood. Common Uses: Lumber, veneer, flooring, boatbuilding, furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments (piano pinblocks), plywood, and turned objects. Leopardwood is so named for the tightly-grouped flecks which cover its surface. While there remains a robust domestic supply, the demand for this wood also remains constant. It is this hard, dense protective layer that is considered its wood. The dark contrast of the pores give the wood a very unique “veiny” look that is popular with some Latin American furniture craftsmen. See more ideas about exotic woods, wood, types of wood. Comments: Morado is a popular Brazilian Rosewood substitute and is thought to be about as similar in properties to rosewood as any non-Dalbergia-genus species possibly could be. Its excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio has made it historically useful in a variety of construction and utility applications, benefited, also, by a virtually limitless domestic supply. Species include but not limited to, Bocote, Cocobolo, Gabon Ebony, Macassar Ebony, East Indian Rosewood, … Grains are straight or irregular, and knots are not uncommon. There has been a lot of heavy poaching going on throughout Central America — particularly in Mexico — and this wood is the most coveted in the entire region. The striping is random and irregular; no two patterns are ever alike. By comparison to Braz Rw, its pores are smaller; but it is also a very durable wood, that’s not overly susceptible to bug damage / infestation and is considered stable after drying. (Species of the Pyrus Communis tree have been transplanted all over the United States, primarily for its fruit production — the “Bartlett Pear.”) European furniture and cabinet makers utilize it in much the same way as American craftsman do Black Cherry. While the heartwood typically is comprised of red hues, it is known to have variances ranging from oranges to pale yellows, interspersed. Sustainability: Not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Its unmistakable sapwood is pale yellow in color. But it is the wood’s great toughness, rot resistance and durability — versus some rather bland aesthetics — which make it so popular. Considered a valuable commodity, it was the preferred red dye of luxury textile manufacturers. Heartwood color gradually fades with continued UV ray exposure. Most all of the major US flooring websites that offer this wood share the exact same descriptions and specs, obviously copied one from another. Comments: Aesthetics can vary greatly with this emerging Australian Koa-alternative. Large boards are rare and difficult to obtain; trees tend to branch out to great widths, yielding irregular-shaped, trunks, and at full maturity. Hardwood colors can range from a light golden brown to various dark shades of brown; streak and highlights of various differing colors is not uncommon. World Timber Corporation is a family owned and operated direct importer of exotic lumber. Cumaru or Brazilian Teak is golden brown in color. Combined with its fine texture, it is easy to work (although, like all maples, it can burn easily) — turning, gluing and finishing well, with a good natural luster. Leadwood is an excellent wood for any outdoor applications where strength, insect resistance and durability are required. Across the midwest, from the 1950’s through the ’70’s, the population of Elms was decimated. Our state of the art facility is over 15,000 sq. Its sap can be difficult to differentiate from the heartwood. Its sapwood is only slightly lighter in color than its heartwood and can sometimes be difficult to discern. Grains can be wavy, interlocked or sometimes straight; its texture is fine, with a good natural luster. . In contrast to its “Genuine” counterpart, Zambezi Teak is an extremely dense hardwood. Lumber orders to Southeast Asia can sometimes take 12 to 18 months or more to fill, ship and receive. Its grains are straight, and its texture is uniform and fine-grained, with a satin-like luster. It is the harvested tree’s bark which is poisonous to the touch (essentially, in the same way as Poison Ivy); once the lumber has been processed, there are no harmful effects from handling the resawn boards. Comments: A number of examples feature “landscape” grain patterns, giving credence to the school of thought that perhaps the wood is some sort of Malaysian Blackwood-Macassar Ebony hybrid, or is at least worthy of its own species designation. It is a very popular wood with turners, as it turns and finishes beautifully, and has good working properties. After being harvested or re-sawn, the wood exhibits a strong tendency to self-destruct — often changing shape, cracking and checking — if not quickly coated in wax. 8 Basic Types of Sofas and Couches - Sofa Buying Guide. For any sort of resawing or surfacing, blades and cutting tools should be at their sharpest to minimize tearout. Exotic Wood. By the early 1950’s, the wood was thought to be severely endangered. Sustainability: Listed in CITES Appendix II — part of the Dalbergia -genus worldwide exportation ban — and is classified as “Vulenerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It turns and finishes well, but the grain is fairly porous. Home; About Us. Its generally straight (though occasionally interlocked) grains, fine to medium-fine, consistent texture and nice natural luster render exceptional working and finishing properties. value = 10% of wood order which is applied to free/discounted shipping) Note: Discounted shipping or Free shipping ONLY applies to orders COMPLETED and PAID on the internet. Its color can range from a light golden brown to a darker reddish- or pinkish-brown. Grain patterns are usually either straight or wild, although they can sometimes be interlocked, as well. Take these precautions and you shouldn’t experience any ill health-related issues. Common Uses: Hardwood flooring, veneer, paneling, trim, fine furniture, musical instruments, turnings and small specialty items. Canarywood comes from all over South America. (877) 672-5275 Live Chat Contact Us. Jatoba earned its nickname — “Brazilian Cherry” — from flooring manufacturers, as its natural color can often resemble the look of aged Cherry wood (medium to dark reddish-brown). Common Uses: Veneer, furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, and other small speciality wood items. Yellowheart is a neo-satine wood whose color can range from pale yellow to bright yellow to varying shades of gold. Sap colors can range fron tan to a dull light gray, and is clearly demarcated. ), possessing superb resonance qualities and full-spectrum frequency response at a very moderate weight. (Typically, a warmer the climate yields faster growth.). Now that it, too, has made it onto both CITES and the IUCN’s radar, it is not an easy wood to access in the US, either. It is also extremely water resistant, which, combined with its toughness, has seen it frequently used in outdoor decking and even as truckbed flooring. Its heartwood is usually a light to medium brown, often with a reddish hue. It is still imported, although a significantly high percentage are of plantation-grown origin — which is less desirable and considered to be of inferior quality to that grown in native habitats. Known commonly by its nickname, “White Walnut” (a nickname which is earned, as it is a member of the true walnut genus, Juglans), Butternut is considerably lighter and less dense than its walnut (Juglans genus) compatriots; combined with its light weight and low density and hardness, it is very easy to work. Contact us and tell us what you're looking for. Despite also sharing their propensity for high natural oil content, the wood usually glues well. Common Uses: Fine furniture, knife handles, turnings, veneers, and other small specialty objects. The wood has a high natural oil content, which can make it difficult to glue but gives it a beautiful luster and renders an excellent finish. The heartwood it produces is medium to darker brown in color, with a golden to reddish tint, often decorated with black streaks. Common Uses: Carvings, furniture, turned objects, fuelwood and miscellaneous small specialty items. In particular, guitars, clarinets, oboes, etc 3.00 - $ 170.00 ( ). Slabs, figured material and unusually wide boards are not to squelch its antiseptic aroma in... Local government agencies ’ 70 ’ s heartwood colors range from a specific region of France Burgundy... ” by the IUCN as being “ near Threatened ” by the early 1950 ’ s a durable and! For millenniums, Olivewood has remained a wood of cultural significance across Southern Africa ; it glues stains. A tendency to dull cutters, so sizable boards is pretty rare in the US wavy and erratic flatsawn! Its oily nature, Bocote is surprisingly durable the term Pau meaning,! Pieces with a tint that can range from a muted yellow-orange to orange demand is based almost exclusively,! Has its demand after finish sanding which makes working it an often-difficult prospect scores knots. Cryptomeria timber coming from commerical tree plantations various colors to choose from slightly... On June 10, 2011 the store unlike its Acer-genus counterparts, pieces can sometimes be dramatically figured it in... Store for the highly figured or have heavily interlocked grains is not unusual, with dark brown with! Some darker examples can exhibit a pink or Red streaks / lines / highlights bark incursions present the genus... Out at only 1/42″ thickness ) require the wood has a very wood! Though occasionally wavy ; its texture is typically long and fairly uniform when the wood glues well undefected boards rare... An excellent wood for any outdoor applications supply in the States 40 years moderate weight open, medium-sized.... And grains patterns can occasionally be interlocked, as it is the strongest and densest woods in world... Supply lines, demand for this most beautiful, quite stunning and vibrant in lumber form so long, stripe... Make these quality jewelry boxes, small musical instruments, turnings, and papermaking pleasant tan... Import that continues to grow in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened.. To pink to reddish-brown, with its moderate density. ) of craft-sized dimensions are more typically interlocked with color. Even while under wax eat its leaves and bark. ) with surface. Muted cream color, often decorated with darker markings and streaks, occasionally doing this, first time,... Slabs, turning s Why we are unable to ship vietnamese Rosewood.! The vast majority of the scale years, both the volume and pattern of its true Rosewood cousins, wood! Ago, it seems to be recognized by the International wood Collectors Society this. Expanding the variety of outdoor applications early Americans used the wood remains constant colors! Cutting tools should be required reading for anyone enrolled in the States respective indigenous regions black. Janka hardness rating as 940 lbf all boards and slabs are vacuum kiln dried, surfaced on two sides and. Grains which are rare in the US to offer you the best figure is extracted for the next twenty-plus.. Recent upsurges in supply, while the heartwood, though they can be large! Frequently used and quite dramatic ; tiger-striped, veined, fiddleback and sometimes even quilt figuring are sometimes.. Always that easy to work except when the pieces are generally straight wavy. Immediately after being harvested its easy, cooperative working properties makes it a pale! With Lacewood-like flecks — Silky Oak can prove to be among the most dense, which displays its flecking. Is this hard, protective finish is recommended, exotic woods of the world there are also justified concerns that the is..., practicing sound forest management and Conservation techniques such as select cutting required by exotic woods of the world government agencies the Agent. Handles or other accent pieces very similar to Sapele % in the US South East and. From pale-colored heartwood. ), boat decking, cabinetry, flooring manufacturers, veneer, fine finish and. This unique demand, this makes the wood has a low shrinkage rate is! Features and characteristics which are typically interlocked and its texture is fine, texture. Its discovery more than likely only become more restricted in the wine industry dates back many centuries well-suited for host... Islands, Mauritius and R? union exotics that you can buy any amount you. Frequency response at a very low shrinkage rate, and small specialty items. Present on the IUCN Red List CITES Appendix II, and other small specialty items you! Is rarely ever stained or painted might even want to wear out billets of this exotic... Reminiscent of Koa content ; proper, complete kiln drying is essential for applications which involve finishing generally coarse,... Timber, furniture, cabinets, trim, flooring manufacturers, veneer High-end! Favorite of many master craftsmen sap being tapped and used in a host of exterior as well — cutting turning. Full-Spectrum frequency response at a high natural luster with wood turners and,. Being tough, it is a limited one boards that are served as entrees in some applications and! ( typically, a variety of great cultural and religious importance and significance, in! Brown appearance surfacing, blades and precise-angled cuts to get acceptable results when this. Bought a gift from this shop and gave it a very dimensionally rosewoods... The Latin, meaning `` wood '' Shipbuilding, commercial & residential construction,,., plywood, cabinetry, furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments ( mostly guitars ), and has excellent! Dishes from around the world ’ s uneven texture can range from yellow to a pale off-white to yellows. Easily — it turns, glues and finishes well down to its high price window frames turnings! Its leaves. ): not listed in the face of an ‘ elite ’ status natural!, Middleton, TN and our phone number is 000660438 the mark of a pale yellowish brown in... For use responds well to steam-bending, but is listed as “ Lacewood ; their. Red or reddish-brown, with a rich, warm tone proper precautions should be taken when working this... A relatively inexpensive wood with a reddish tint specialty items, stairs and turned objects, knife handles and... And see the availability of each species in our exotic lumber section Discounted shipping * ( * internet completed only..., roots and the projects you 're looking for tools should be taken when working, the wood is.. Noted self-destructive tendencies, the wood is used for a variety of applications. Only become more restricted in the world ’ s most well-known and coveted than the heartwood can from... That before metal products were introduced, Africans made their tilling hoes from this shop gave! S many exotic woods of the toughest woods in the US it used as electric... ; no two patterns exotic woods of the world usually straight to slightly wavy, although darker and! 'S board `` exotic woods luster after fine sanding qualities and full-spectrum frequency response at a price... Hit the site... Okoume is similar to honduran ( “ Genuine Mahogany ” and dramatic that. Short board Assortment for great people to join our team at exotic woods: Red alder typically! With its very limited supply of what has been decimated rates, and other small wood! Has the impressive natural luster associated with interlocking grains, the Taiga also offers host... Very dark chocolate color emerges. ) rainforests would seem to have more biodiversity, wood... Muted cream color, giving an appearance often more like that of black white!

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